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Review: Synapses by Ashley Mann

Synapses by Ashley Mann

Publisher: Cerridwen Press

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Mutation has a way of changing things.

Like who is watching you.

Joey Falcione doesn’t look like a murderer. Sure, orphaned, homeless for years, she’s learned to blend in at Chicago’s tough Streeter High. But killing someone is not part of her plans for today. She won’t be given a choice.

Like how you see yourself.

At Laureate Prep, Molly McGlone—cheerleader, semi-spoiled rich girl—seems too shallow to be a superhero. But when evil strikes someone she loves, the changes inside her suddenly make sense. If she can help someone now, shouldn’t she?

Like what you fear.

Until the night his body betrays him, Nick Ingram is so focused on schoolwork that the rest of his life is a shadow. But now his destiny has changed to include danger, power and two very different girls. One of those girls will claim his heart from the very moment he sees her.

Mutation changes everything.

Even how you fall in love.

Lena’s Review

Joey Falcione just wants to be normal. The thing is she is not. All her life Joey has known she was different from the other girls in her neighborhood. Yet because of her power evil people want to use her in ugly ways. As a homeless person she has taught herself how to be like other people without really being noticed. At least she thought she was going unnoticed until she feels the others. Other people who seem to be just like her but she has no idea where they are. Can she find them in time to help one of their own?

Molly McGlone is a person who everybody wants to be like. She is popular, perky, and smart and now is special beyond anybody’s dreams. Molly has no idea how it happened but now she is powerful in a way that she never expected. She knows she is not the only one in the high school with powers for she senses others. Just when she thinks things can’t get worse one of her best friends disappears. Can she use this special power to help her friend in time?

Every high school has a nerd and this high school has Nick Ingram. He has no idea why he feel’s different but knows that Molly and Joey are the same like him. His friend’s say he needs to have fun and stop studying all the time but with this new power his studies will come in handy. He always thought Molly would be his but somehow Joey intrigues him like he never thought possible. For once in his life he’s interested in more than school work and in a woman like Joey. Can he help Molly and Joey finding a friend of theirs?

Every teenager in high school has only three things to worry about. They are boys, homework and well popularity something Molly, Joey and Nick should only worry about not mutation. These three are so different from their personality, feelings to even their backgrounds set them all apart. Ashley did a great job in showing their story line in different ways you found a little about each character more in depth on their story. The one I liked the most though was Joey. Here is a homeless girl who survived through anything yet when it comes to her powers it is unnerving for her. Ashley did a great job in creating this story especiallywith young teenagers showing their strengths, weakness and how working as teamwork anything is possible. Great job!

3 Tea Cups!


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