Sunday, November 7, 2010

Review: Of the Panther Persuasion by Kiyara Benoiti

Of the Panther Persuasion by Kiyara Benoiti

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Shalamar lives comfortably, but she has a secret--a secret that ranks up there with creatures that go bump in the night. As the Pantherian Heir and a refugee from another world, she lives quietly, sating her desires with human men and wishing she could find others like herself. When she’s invited to Stallion Acres to meet another of her race, one who’s filthy rich, she’s plunged into dangers which threaten her life and that of her unexpected, newfound love and life mate, Drayden Parks.
Nahdia is wealthy and power-hungry. She intends to establish shape-changers on Earth and make this world hers, but when Shalamar’s secret is revealed and she thwarts Nahdia, she must fight to save Drayden’s life as well as her own. When the others turn on her, she must flee back to her world. However, the price of returning home might be too high.

Monica’s Review

Of the Panther Persuasion by Kiyara Benoiti is a very interesting book that brings out another kind of shifter into play “Panther.” The characters in this book come from a different world but come to make life here on earth. The way that Benoiti describes this other world in this book sounds magical, free, to just roam and feel the wilderness at your feet. It makes you just want to close your eyes and lose yourself into it and never want to come back.

Shalamar is seeking a mate and she is also the Panterian Heir from the other world, but now being here on earth, will it be hard for her to finally find her soul mate and live a happy life? People don’t always seem as they appear—you need to follow your gut instinct because you will be surprised to find out the truth. Drayden Parks has finally found his life mate with Shalamar but due to new dangers their love is at the mercy of Nahdia.

Why is it that after trying to fall in love you always have one person or two that have to ruin everything? Can Shalamar and Drayden fight together in order to live long as soul mates and can they really make it back to her world and live happily? I recommend this book, Of the Panther Persuasion by Kiyara Benoiti, it will take you to a new adventure of how other shape shifters view each other and how different they can be and how deceiving they can be even with friends.

3 Tea Cups!


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