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Review: Diamond in The Rough by Ruby Storm

Diamond in The Rough by Ruby Storm

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



With a stroke of Cupid’s red pen, Claire Holliday’s and Brian Valentine’s lives are changed forever. Two lonely people, each coping with emotional wounds and believing wholeheartedly that exceptional love and fiery passion is forever beyond their reach.

Little do they know that love cannot be suppressed. The heated touch of shared acceptance can capture the wounded heart and magically heal it.

Who’s to know what force really brings lonely souls together. It could be simple fate, or maybe Cupid actually exists, and continually stands guard over our hearts.

Claudette's Review

Cupid assigns the case of the festively named Claire Holiday and Brian Valentine to fairies in training, Larry L’Amour and Rosebud Kisses. Their mission? - To help these two lonely people find love. They’ve both been hurt and deserve to find happiness with each other. Claire is legally blind. Her mother deals with her blindness by being over protective. Her commitment phobic ex left her two years before and she hasn’t been in a relationship since. She holds down a good job, owns her own home. But her guide-dog Buddy is her main companion and best friend, and she’s lonely and tired of being on her own.

Brian is a former firefighter, horribly burned saving the lives of a family in the course of his job. Now he’s changed professions and become the owner and manager of a garden centre. He tries to stay in the background and let his staff deal with customers because when people see his scars they either react with horror or pity.

The romance between fairies Rosebud and Larry is clearly supposed to provide comic relief, but I found their ‘comical’ romance and sexual explorations annoying and distracting to the central story – Claire and Brian. This beauty and the ‘beast’, story is about how two people can really see the beauty in each other without the preconceived ideas about physical attractiveness getting in the way.

You clearly get the idea that before Claire lost her sight Brian’s scars wouldn’t have put her off, because she doesn’t have a shallow bone in her body. While Brian has this beautiful young woman reaching out to him, he can actually see the reactions to other people seeing them together and thinking, that the only woman who would be with him, would have to be blind. It’s thinking badly of himself that threatens to end the relationship, but it’s perfectly understandable given that Brian has had to deal with other people’s superficial and hurtful comments about his disfigurement.

Together they can heal past hurts and find lasting love. This is a lovely romance about the real fact that everyone needs to be loved.

3 Tea Cups!


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