Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review: The Winter Solstice by Moria Hanson

The Winter Solstice by Moria Hanson

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Former FBI agent Hawk Richardson's life is simple. He lives with his wolf in a cabin and has little contact with the outside world. His career with the bureau cost him his sight in one eye and left him angry and bitter.
So when Hawk pulls Nina Daniels's unconscious body from her wrecked car, he is unprepared for the feelings that stir within his cold heart. Hawk fights his feelings, but finally gives in to the outspoken woman. For three days they succumb to their desires--until evil comes knocking at their door.
A battle ensues, and when Hawk is feared dead, Nina is left alone and devastated. But she can't shake the feeling that he is still alive. Months pass by and Hawk gives in to his need for Nina, but will she accept him when he shows up?

Wendy's Review

Moira wrote a story that had you wanting more from the first sentence, a story that held you in the grips of wanting and needing Nina and Hawk to have a happily ever after.

Nina was a stressed and aggravated woman who wasn’t appreciated or really loved by her brother who she did everything for. Traveling in the snow storm was a bad idea she knew so when she wrecked her car it was no surprise that she would be missed.

Hawk was a wounded man who didn’t want or need anyone near him he had Baron his wolf for company, but he couldn’t leave Nina in the car in the creek embankment to die. Bringing home this gorgeous tall woman he would have never thought she was the one for him. Thinking that she was in a relationship he didn’t want to become involved in her when there wasn’t a future.

Nina and Hawk was a true to life story of two people who needed love and the sexual tension ran rapid in the tiny cabin. When the sexual tension got to tight it broke lose and Hawk showed Nina what being treasured meant. He loved her in everyway a man could to show her that his desires ran deep but he wouldn’t make her stay out in the woods with him. Nina showed Hawk that his physical scars did nothing to diminish her love for him and that she found him tall, broad and sexy as hell.

When trouble comes to their sanctuary Nina thought Hawk was gone forever and that she was to live her live alone and lonely again. But Moira twisted things in her story that caused your heart to stop and listen to your soul.

Loved this story and recommend it for anyone who just wants to read a true love story of two strangers that need to give their love to each other.

5 Tea Cups!

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