Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review: Veil Over Crystal Lake by Cierra James

Veil Over Crystal Lake by Cierra James

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



When a dismembered body is found near Crystal Lake located on the Winthrop Estate, reporter Morgan Charles accepts the chance to interview noted recluse, Terrence Winthrop, III. Due to inclement weather she ends up stranded on the estate facing night terrors that lead her into a world of the unknown.

Rence Winthrop never expected his guest, Morgan Charles to be a woman, let alone one so enticingly beautiful. With no electricity and no way down the mountain, an idle card game leads them into a sizzling encounter, and a game of vengeance neither one can afford to play.
Will they survive the predator’s pursuit and their newly developed emotions, or will Rence’s curse send them separate ways?

Clare's Review

After a body is found on the Winthrop Estate, Morgan seizes the opportunity to interview recluse Rence Winthrop. What she finds is more than she ever imagined. Rence hopes she's the woman who can free him from the curse that plagues him.

A short read, this one left me slightly disappointed. Never having read a werewolf story, I had no preconceptions, but this one seemed to leave more questions unanswered than anything else. Morgan comes to do an interview, but never actually gets around to doing it. For an investigative journalist, she’s easily put off by a non functioning laptop and doesn’t seem to possess a pen—nor does she ask to borrow one.

The setting was wonderfully described, with enough detail to put you right in the story. I loved the scene where Morgan fell over in the mud and is completely covered in it. I did see part the end coming, but the twist was brilliant and did catch me out.

3 Tea Cups!


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