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Review: DM2010 by Cooper McKenzie

DM2010 by Cooper McKenzie

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Natalie Sanders needs money to finish her master’s degree and start her life. Reading a help wanted ad in the college paper for a “female tester for new computer device,” she thought it sounded interesting.

Kelso Montgomery needs an assistant to test DM2010--the new dildo-mouse he’s developed--since his mother refuses to test the new device. As soon as he sees Natalie, he knows she’s the one he wants.
When a rival approaches Natalie offering money for information, she has to decide if her loyalties will remain with Kelso or her future. Will she betray Kelso’s trust? Will Kelso be able to fix the defect in his pet project? Will they ever be able to be together without someone interrupting them?

Clare C's Review

Cooper McKenzie is one of my favorite authors. I approached reading this as any fan approaches something new by someone who has brought them so much joy in the past. While DM2010 was good, it wasn’t as great as McKenzie’s other works.

The idea is creative—a dildo mouse controlled through use that the female user (perhaps even a male user) finds very pleasurable. The inventor and his product tester inevitably fall in love, enjoying themselves and each other along the way. The erotic scenes varied in hotness, which I liked. It was the portrayal of the characters that didn’t quite ring true with me. They were a bit underdeveloped. Kelso often seemed like an overindulged mama’s boy, and I couldn’t figure out why Natalie liked him. When he came out in a few scenes as forceful and dominant, it seemed like a personality departure instead of another facet of his nature.

Those things aside, it was a nice quick read. If you’ve never read McKenzie before, I recommend starting with something else because she has some truly wonderful stuff out there. If you’re a McKenzie fan, you’ll like this, but it’ll be a single read, not something you return to again and again.

3 Tea Cups!


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