Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review: Fire Dragon's Angel by Barbara Blythe

Fire Dragon's Angel by Barbara Blythe

Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Heat Rating: 1



Can a hero ever live up to his reputation?

For seven years, Ceressa Quarles has secretly admired Latimer Kirkleigh. Latimer has spent those same seven years disappointing everyone he loves. When they reunite, she finds him jaded, arrogant...and still irresistible. He finds her disconcerting, headstrong...and beautiful.

As responsibility and tragedy intertwine, Ceressa and Latimer are set upon a course that neither is prepared to travel. Forced to flee her English home, Ceressa accepts a marriage proposal from Latimer and finds herself living in a savage, colonial wilderness embroiled in rebellion.

With their lives at risk and any chance at love hidden deep within their precarious marriage of convenience, Ceressa and Latimer battle for the stability of a new world
and peace within their own hearts.

Clare's Review

Ceressa has had a crush on Latimer since they were children. Meeting him again for the first time in years, she is shocked at the differences in him. Latimer, once destined to be a minister is now a fire breathing dragon, living the other side of the Atlantic. He is in London for the sole purpose of procuring a bride to bring up his orphaned niece in America. Through a sudden change in fortune, Ceressa finds herself on board a ship for Virginia and married to Latimer.

Set in both England and a turbulent early US, this story is wonderfully written. The characters leap to life from the page. Full of emotionally charged moments, this novel will keep you spell bound through it's pages of heart stopping moments, action and adventure. All with a touch of romance and a will they won't they on every page. Definitely one to read.

4 Tea Cups!

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