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Review: In Debt to the Dom by Jan Bowles

In Debt to the Dom by Jan Bowles

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



At twenty-eight, Maddie James has risen through the ranks of investment bank Goldstein Rivers to achieve great success. All of that changes when she receives a demand for half a million dollars for the safe return of her sister. Torn between her allegiance to her job and the demands of the kidnappers, she secretly wires the money, hoping to replace it with the sale of her house.

When thirty-six-year-old wealthy businessman Keaton Rivers discovers the money is missing from his company, he suspects Maddie. Will he throw her to the wolves or find another way for her to repay the debt?

As a Dom, Keaton knows Maddie would make the perfect submissive. From the very first moment he laid eyes on her, he’d wanted her. Only this time it will be on his terms...
To save her career, will Maddie make a deal with the Dom?

Clare C’s Review

The best parts were the erotic scenes where I could forget about the fact that Keaton is blackmailing Maddie into sleeping with him. I couldn’t quite get comfortable with that part. To me, D/s relationships should be based on trust and the fulfillment of mutual needs, and to base it on just blackmail seemed a lot selfish and a bit disturbing. However, Ms. Bowles’s approach to it made the issue mostly innocuous. It all turns out well, with Keaton helping Maddie address her embezzlement problems and solving her problems at work.

I liked Maddie and Keaton, and I would have liked to see more development of the relationship between them, especially when he takes her to the privacy of his house in Tennessee and it’s just the two of them. In Debt to the Dom is a fun read that kept my interest. Jan Bowles’s friendly writing style and fast-paced plotting moves the reader smoothly through the story. Bowles and fans of light BDSM won’t be disappointed by this snack.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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