Monday, January 17, 2011

Review: Loving Scarlett by Lola Newmar

Loving Scarlett by Lola Newmar

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



After a traumatic and mysterious fall off a cliff, which results in amnesia, virginal twenty-one-year-old Scarlett Rose is saved by seven sexy cowboy brothers. Frightened and disoriented, her confusion peaks when she immediately feels an inexplicable, intense attraction to the beautiful strangers, including a doctor, a mysterious nightshift ranch hand, a set of triplets, and a set of twins!
Scarlett's reality receives another sucker punch when she discovers her heroes are actually Texas longhorn-shifter cowboys who claim she is their destined, life-long mate.

The Lenox brothers have waited their entire lives to find the one woman they were born to share. Their newly discovered mate exceeds their wildest dreams. She’s gorgeous, witty, and her blood-red lips drive their bulls wild with passion.

But this Texas yellow rose has thorns. She demands outside contact, but the men insist on protecting her from the mysterious person who hurt her. They decide the only way to get their stubborn mate to stay is if they make sure she never wants to leave.

Wendy's Review

Wow Lola starts out this book with excitement from the very beginning. Scarlett has amnesia from a fall and ends up on a ranch in Texas with 7 gorgeous men all of whom can be longhorn bulls in a matter of seconds. Reaching out and trusting these 7 men will be her greatest challenge and all she knows is she feels safe with them.

The Lenox brothers are: Leo, Levi, Denzel, Devlin, Sonny, Rhett and Byron. All seven had been waiting for their mate a long time and when they saw Scarlett they knew but they also knew they had to control their longhorns as not to scare her off. What they didn’t count on was that Scarlett was just as affected by their passion as they were and was more than willing to be with all seven brothers for love.

Lola wrote a story that has you guessing what sexual encounter would come next and waiting to see the brothers mate their woman. The story has unexpected twists that have you reading and wanting more. Lola's style of writing has you wanting more before you are ready.

Story one of this series, Seven Longhorns, was amazing and has you anticipating story two.

5 Tea Cups!

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