Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review: Braeden and Janne by Kathye Quick

Braeden and Janne by Kathye Quick

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Duty and desire clash to save a new Camelot from the sons of Mordred.

After his brother is made king by a dying Arthur, Braeden hopes to help Constantine rebuild Camelot and carry on Arthur's vision for the kingdom. Together with the new queen, and her companion Janne, a new era begins.

Although the ways of Merlin and Morganna are banned from court,. Janne holds to the goddess. She finds the mind overrules the heart when she and Braeden are betrothed. Refusing to marry him, she fears their union will bring the fall of the kingdom.

With the sons of Mordred, Melehan and Melou plotting the ultimate revenge…brother versus brother…there is no peace to be had in Camelot.

When Janne is exposed as a Druidess, she and Braeden must find a way to expose the plot to take down Camelot while maintaining the ideals the majestic realm was built upon.

Hunter's Review

There are not enough good words to describe this book. I think this incredibly original take on the Arthurian legends should become a must read for all lovers of romance. The world building in this book is entirely unique. The idea is that Camelot continued after Arthur’s death and that those who remain are fighting to keep it afloat.

Enter Janne and Braeden. He is the brother of the new king—Constantine—and she is a healer who uses earth magic to make people better. Only problem? Magic is forbidden now. (There is a lot of discussion of the role magic played in Arthur’s downfall with Lancelot and the Queen.)

I highly recommend this tale and I will never forget it. If you have been searching for a story of love that has real heart and creativity, you need look no further.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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