Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: G’Baena’s Pirates by Rachel Clark

G’Baena’s Pirates by Rachel Clark

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Rescued from slavery, G'baena finds life among humans surprisingly satisfying. She's building a new life for herself and happily falling in love with Devlin, but the unexpected arrival of Kam, a man from her past, complicates her bright future.

Kam's twin brother died a few months ago. According to G'trobian law, that makes Kam dead also, so now he roams space trying to survive in any way possible. Discovering G'baena alive was the last thing he expected.

Devlin finds himself struggling with jealousy and an unexpected attraction, but keeping G’baena and Kam safe while rescuing G’baena’s mother and sisters, protecting the pirate ship’s crew from attack, and infiltrating the slave trade may just prove more difficult than anyone ever expected.

G’baena, Kam and Devlin are willing to try love the G’trobian way- -with a twist--but can their fledgling relationship survive confusion, a traitor, and an intergalactic conspiracy?

Hunter’s Review

I can’t remember ever really having this problem with a book before. I have absolutely no clue, really, what went on in this book. Half of it seemed to be in a foreign language. I think the real problem here is that it is so deeply reliant on the first book—which I had not read—that it is nearly impossible to read by itself.

The love scenes are hot, as I would expect from Siren—they do love scenes fantastically well. But, I won’t attempt this again.

1 ½ Tea Cups!


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