Monday, June 20, 2011

Review: Marissa’s Rights by Tonya Ramagos

Marissa’s Rights by Tonya Ramagos

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Marissa knows what Justin and Ben will demand in exchange for their touch. She longs to experience everything these tough cowboy cops aim to show her. When danger comes to her doorstep, a night in their protection brings her the closest she’s ever been to infinite pleasure. All she has to do is say the right words.

Ben has a pair of handcuffs and an ache beneath his belt to put them to use. He’s hard-pressed to take custody of Marissa’s pleasure. Watching her struggle with her inner demons is tearing him apart, but saving her from herself is the toughest case he'll face.

Justin is a patient man. Loaded with needs for Marissa, he’s made his intent to claim her clear and left her fate in her hands. He'll protect her from danger, but the right to a lifetime of crazed passion rests with her.

Monica's Review

The chemistry between the three characters is sizzling. The sexual passion that radiates off of them is just hot and amazing.

Marissa is a character that has suffered verbal abuse from her ex-husband after she wanted to explore a little bit more in the bedroom. After the horrific words he used to describe her she was afraid of requesting more from Ben and Justin because she was frightened of what people would think of her. Marissa has the right to get pleasured how she would like from her men.

Ben and Justin are public figures in society but are in love with the same woman. They would protect her from anyone that would dare try to hurt her, they have even suppressed their sexual tension until she finally asked her men what she wants. Finally after a frightening situation Justin gets his wish but he does not believe her and believes that she will run just like a loved one did long ago. Ben is the one that believes in her and trust her to keep her word.

I loved how after a confrontation with her ex-husband she was able to do the one thing that made Justin melt. Finally her men would realize that she would not run from them and really did not care what people thought of her.

I would have loved if the story was a bit longer to see how well the relationship developed. Read how Marissa was finally able to overcome her fear of having other people humiliate her for loving two men but also a little public display of her desires—not only that but how Marissa’s Rights were demonstrated.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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