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Review: Corralling the City Girl by Stacey Espino

Corralling the City Girl by Stacey Espino

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Jane's just inherited her late uncle's estate. But there's a catch. She has to ride along in a two-week-long cattle drive or she'll forfeit the ranch and money. The city girl doesn't have a clue where to start, so she advertises for three cowboys to assist her.

Chase, Brad and Dawson are hired to drive five thousand head of cattle across the prairies of Alberta. They expect their boss to be some spoiled rich boy looking for adventure, not a stunning woman with legs to die for. She's unlike any cowgirl—complaining, cursing, and driving them nuts with her forked tongue. It'll take some tying up and rough cowboy handling to teach the little siren how to behave.

Monica's Review

Mother Nature has a way of changing a person’s life perspective. Who knew that a feisty-stubborn city girl would be corralled by three sexy cowboys.

Jane Williams is a woman that enjoyed her freedom and left out emotions whenever she dated. She thought she had the perfect life but after entering her uncle’s home she thought twice of selling it. With her uncles death she is about to inherit his wealth but that comes with a ranch and cattle to care for. There is only one stipulation she must move five thousand head of cattle to greener pastures or she loses everything to her cousin. Jane is a city girl she knows nothing of what consists of a cattle drive so next step is to hire some cowboys.

Naturally she takes the challenge and hires three cowboys to help her with her journey, Dawson Reed, Brad McCay and Chase Garner. When Jane meets Dawson she knows she is in trouble because her body is overheating. Then she meets Brad and Chase and wonders if all cowboys are this mouth watering. Jane tries her best to keep this journey business base only and not explore the bodies of these sexy cowboys.

With her belligerent attitude, she’s lucky if they don’t quit on her or even worse leave her out in the wilderness and finish the cattle drive without her. Brad knows how to talk to her and makes her feel secure, safe but he is only risking breaking his heart. Jane knows that she wants to submit to the cowboys but she finds it difficult due to choices that her parents made. Each cowboy has a reason for needing the ten thousand dollars Jane is going to pay them when the job is done but are their intentions good. Sure two cowboys need it for their families but one is a little shady. Can they make it to there destination on time or will someone try to sabotage this journey?

The pace of the story was slower at the beginning but picked up later in the story. The foursome relationship seemed a it couldn't work because they each had their own baggage. Even if they were all uncommitted it seemed that they needed to break from their families with the exception of one. Still, the four of them had great chemistry even when it seemed that they would kill each other. I liked the determination of all three cowboys and how they worked together in order for Jane to make her deadline even if it meant not getting paid. This story is more of an emotional based story rather than a sexual based. Sure Jane also needed to let go and just let them take care of her but of course that meant letting her guard down.

The story is unique and the characters are interesting. I would definitely recommend this story to readers looking for a hot ménage relationship that starts off a little on the rough side but they strive to make the relationship work.

3 ½ Tea Cups!
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