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Review: A Man’s World by Josie Malone

A Man’s World by Josie Malone

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Defending her honor...and her life!

The untamed wilderness of 1887 Washington Territory is A Man’s World. Trace Burdette knows this better than anyone, so she masquerades as one and packs the guns to prove it. She forks her own broncs and prides herself on being the ‘toughest hombre’ this side of the Cascades. The last thing she wants is Zebadiah Prescott, her new ruggedly-handsome neighbor, ordering her around.

With more under his Stetson than hair, Zeb Prescott knows a man when he sees one, and isn't fooled by the little woman in masculine garb, even if she can almost outride and outshoot him. Determined to win Trace, he confronts the danger facing them. Before they can have a future together, he must deal with the past...and the dangerous outlaw out to kill the woman he loves.

Lena's Review

Trace Burdette has lived a life of lies. Her whole life has been centered on trying to stay alive in the wilderness. Everybody knows that Trace Burdette is a good man and can be relied on. The thing is that they don’t really know who he is. Only one person has figured out who Trace Burdette really is. He is the one person who Trace has sworn to never fall for, Zeb Prescott. As a rule Trace swore to not let anyone into his heart but Zeb is someone who is really making it hard for him. Life in the wilderness is hard but can Trace continue to be what he is or will he become what he really was born into?

Zeb Prescott has never forgotten about Trace Burdette. He tried to stay away and make a name for himself yet he always comes back to Trace. Everybody in the Washington Territory says Trace is the man to be counted on but he is in danger. Zeb knows something about Trace that no one knows and that he is really a woman. Not just any woman but one that sets him on fire each time they kiss. He has no idea why Trace pretends but is determined to make Trace see that even a woman like him needs all the protection she can get. Can he make her see they can work together and love one another?

One word for Josie Malone is wow in this book from the beginning to the end. Throughout the book I had no idea who Trace Burdette really was in this book. One thing for sure is that Trace can definitely out shoot anybody and outsmart any vigilant in the territory especially a man like Zeb Prescott. These two were definitely great to read for they kept competing at each other yet in a great way. The behind the scenes of Trace’s life is one that will make you root for her survival. Definitely a story of a great person just trying to survive in a world that men rule unfortunately and one that Josie did a great job in accomplishing in this great book.

3 Tea Cups!


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