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Review: We Can Love Again by Donna Marie

We Can Love Again by Donna Marie

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



The end of Julia Belden’s marriage came as no surprise. Although it began for a pregnancy, she and Carl stayed married for ten years. Their only emotional connection was a baby who did not survive past one day.

After two years of grieving for his wife, Nick Sitello kept busy while teaching high school math and raising Sammy. Romance never entered his mind, until his encounter with Julia while on a weekend getaway. It was a timely moment when she tumbled into the water, just as he and his son coasted by in their rowboat. As he helped her from the lake, the attraction was immediate.

Nick questioned Julia’s love when Carl reentered her life. He was protective of his feelings, but mostly of his son’s. Julia was torn between her new relationship and an obligation to Carl as childhood ghosts returned to haunt him, vindicating his distant nature while married.

Lena's Review

Julia Belden thought she found love but once again she has failed. Yet in her heart she knew it wasn’t meant to be for it was all for the baby she was carrying. She knew that once she lost the baby it was over and she was right. Now fresh from a divorce she just wants to start a life with no complications. Yet one complication is a tall, dark and handsome guy name Nick Sitello. Something about this guy gets her mojo going something that has been missing for a while. Nick is not alone but has a kid that reminds Julia of what was lost. She has always wanted real love and children something Nick had before in his life. Knowing that it might be a possibility with him some people in her past won’t let her be. Her ex comes a calling and now she must choose. Can she go on forward and finally get the love and family she deserves or will she stay in the past and rekindle a love that was lost in the past?

Nick Sitello had everything a man could want in life, a loving wife and a great kid with a nice home and job. Yet fate threw him a curveball leaving him with just his little boy. He knows it wasn’t his wife’s fault she got sick but he was faithful to her till the end. Even now he is confused about his new feelings towards Julia Belden. Though it has been years since his wife passed he feels he’s cheating on her. He knows it’s foolish to think like this but with Julia he feel’s alive for the first time. His little boy loves her already like a possible mother but knows life has full of surprises for all of them. Just when he thinks he can reveal his true feelings a man from her past comes back. Nick knows he shouldn’t be jealous but she is his woman no other one. Can he tell Julie his real feelings without feeling like he cheating on his wife? Will he ever find peace and love again in his life?

Second chance at love doesn’t come easily in people like Julia and Nick. These two have suffered so much in life yet are stubborn at revealing their feelings. I felt bad for Nick and what he went through in his first marriage yet Julia suffered the most. Together these two shared a common thing; lose a loved one yet staying strong to move on in life. These two were great yet in the beginning they did caution their hearts at finding love again. Donna Marie showed that love does come around you just have to open your hands and catch it proving that even Nick and Julia deserve it. Loved it!

3 Tea Cups!


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